1. My Top 10 Authors: Aeschylus


    I feel the need to share at least one ancient author and as I adore The Oresteia, and most people only think of Homer, Aeschylus was an easy choice. Also, I’m partial to the Greeks over the Romans. 

    AUTHOR: Aeschylus 
    BORN: C. 527 BCE in Eleusis (died c. 456 BCE)
    GENRE: Greek Tragedian 
    KNOWN FOR: The Persians, The Oresteia, Prometheus Bound (authorship is disputed for the later)

    Aeschylus was the earliest of the Greek tragedians whose work still survives and is read today (the other two that are best known are Sophocles and Euripides). Some have even labelled him as the Father of Tragedy. As far as I know, this is true but it is impossible to know for sure. 

    Since he lived so long ago it is difficult to determine fact from fiction in terms of his life, but we do know that he was a playwright and a soldier during the Persian wars. In fact, he was celebrated for his participation in the battle of Marathon (Nerd alert over here! Sorry guys). 

    I won’t get into an extensive biography, although trust me I could, but I will tell you that his work is certainly worth a read and I practically demand that you do. We owe a lot to the ancient Greek playwrights and you would be surprised just how monumental they have been to the medium through the ages.