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    Each book was like an underwater cave, and when I rose again to the surface I was pale and grumpy, resentful of everyone who hadn’t been where I’d been.
    — Mary Stewart Atwell, Wild Girls (via crazyaboutliterature)
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    Things that book addicts will most likely never say.

    1. 1: I'm only going into that bookstore to browse.
    2. 2: No, I will not buy the sequel to that book I loved last year.
    3. 3: I'm patiently waiting for the last book in the series.
    4. 4: Oh, it's getting late! Time to go to bed!
    5. 5: Pft, it's just a book!
    6. 6: My parents are right--maybe I SHOULD stop reading so much!
    7. 7: I totally prefer talking to you! Why read when you're here?
    8. 8: Oh, it's okay to talk to me when I'm reading!
    9. 9: Ew, who would carry a book around with them?
    10. 10: Cheap books? Nah, I'd rather pay full price--on second thought, let's make them a little more expensive!
    11. 11: Why would I want a library in my house? What a waste of space!
    12. 12: You're right--I DO have too many books!
    13. 13: I think I'm reading too much, I'm going to go watch television instead.
    14. 14: The movie was SO much better!
    15. 15: I'm too old to be reading young adult novels!
    16. 16: This love triangle totally rocks!
    17. 17: I didn't see that coming at all!
    18. 18: That's okay, author, I know you have your reasons for killing off my favourite character!
    19. 19: Pft, I never show any emotions when I'm reading in public!
    20. 20: I hate pictures of books!
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Reader’s paradise


    Reader’s paradise

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    All I am is literature, and I am not able or willing to be anything else.
    — Franz Kafka (via theunquotables)
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  11. 30 Day Book Challenge


    Turn Around and Run Like Hell, Joseph Cummins

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